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Mediations Australia is a trusted family law mediation and alternate dispute resolution firm based in Australia. We take care of disputes that are related to family law and provide great outcomes to save a lot of added costs and time for our clients. We work as mediator in number of family law cases like Disputes, Financial Agreements, De Facto Relationship Disputes, Property Settlements, Parenting Plans and more. From preparation to making the involved parties reach a level of understanding and agreement, the Mediators at Mediations Australia are there for you through it all.
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At Ivy Law Group our Sydney lawyers and staff pride themselves on not only providing the best possible service and care, but also about proving the best results in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. We understand that you come to us for legal advice and assistance with regard to important decisions for you, your family and/or your business or commercial life. These matters may range from loss, loss of loved ones, loss of the family unit, to loss of income or assets. The complexity and at times, difficulty, of the legal system, may bring to the table an array of emotions, for individuals and families involved. At Ivy Law Group we support you the whole way to arrive at the most beneficial outcome.


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If you are have been left out of a will or involved in some other dispute over a will or deceased estate you need an experienced, practical and costs effective will dispute lawyer to listen to you while you tell your story, identify your needs, explain how the various laws governing will disputes applies in your case in plain English (not “legalese”), At GHS legal, Gregory Smith is a trusted and experienced will dispute lawyer helping people bring will disputes to a quick and successful conclusion.

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Garling & Co Lawyers provide quality legal services to individuals, businesses and communities. We specialise in Workers Compensation Claims, Motor Vehicle Accident Claims, and claims involving breach of a duty of care such as Public Liability. We are the experienced professionals you need to manage your case.

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